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Bringing Your Virtual Dental Office to Your Patients

Connect with patients for personalized live video consulations from anywhere with an internet connection. Allowing patients to see the dentist in real time, view patient education videos and presentations as well as participate in the consultation with the dentist. Once the consultation is over the patient will also have the ability to download the video recording of their consultation straight to their computer.

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Bringing Your Virtual Dental Office to Your Patients

Offering dentists and treatment coordinators an intuitive way of interacting with their patients in real time. By using our software for real time virtual consultations you can take advantage of our suite of products to bring your patients an unmatched virtual experience.

The Dentist/Treatment Coordinator Can:
  • Show the patient educational videos on treatments problems and complications.
  • Show the examples of previous work they have done and results.
  • Create a treament plan as they would if the patient was at the physical dental office.
  • Advise them on emergency situations.
  • Write and sign a prescription for medications.
  • Email them home care instruction literature.

Giving Patients the Benefits of Virtual Consultations

The dentist or another user such as a treatment coordinator can let the patient see the user's desktop and therefore the software. This way the patient can see everything else they would see as if they were at the physical dental office.

Patients can:
  • Upload pictures, x rays and any other information they may have.
  • Show the dentist clinical signs.
  • Discuss the symptoms and ask the Dentist questions.
  • Get a second opinion.
  • Get a prescription e-mailed to them with the dentist's signature.
  • Get emergency advice from the dentist.
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